Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gonna raise hell at the union hall

Frankly, Rip This Joint gets my vote as best Stones tune ever.

Watch any of the recent live versions on Youtube and see how the aging geezers can hardly keep up...

I suppose one reason I like it so much is that I raised hell at a union hall myself once.

In my voluminous archives I have a letter informing "Brother Neumann" of his lifetime ban from the premises of the Steelworkers Hall in Guelph.

It was all Igor's fault.

I can't remember precisely what it was that Igor did to antagonize me, but he'd been antagonizing me for hours, and the more beers I had at the union hall the more antagonized I got.

Finally he pushed me over the edge. I couldn't take the antagonization anymore...

I had no choice... he forced me to pour a pitcher of beer over his head.

Well, that should have been the end of it, but no!

Igor whacked me across the face with a beer glass!

I know! Who can even imagine such a thing!

A brawl ensued.

Igor got a good thrashing.

I know that isn't his story, but trust me, it's the truth.

Unfortunately, the cut that beer glass opened up over my right eye wouldn't stop bleeding.

It was eventually decided that Brother Neumann needed to go to the emergency ward for stitches.

The crew arrives at the Guelph General Hospital, and who do we run into but Igor!

He'd beat me there to get his own stitches!

Hey, how ya doin' man... sorry about your head.

Ya, I'm OK, sorry about your eye...

Long story short, me and Igor walk outta the emergency ward arm in arm, head back to the union hall, drink till closing time, bloody bandages  wrapped around our heads, and we've never had a note of animosity between us ever since!

Then two weeks later I get that snotty letter from the USW.

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