Thursday, July 25, 2013

NEWS FLASH: SAC Capital Partners face jail time!

No, no, no!  It's not the the actual partners in SAC Capital Partners who will go to jail...

It's the corporate entity itself.

Yup, corporate entities are people too, as Mitt reminded us, and if they've been naughty they have to face the music just like flesh-and-blood people.

Flesh-and-blood Bernie Madoff got 150 years in the big house for his hanky panky. SAC Capital Partners have arguably hankied more panky for more money, so the corporate entity, i.e. a file folder full of incorporation papers and partnership agreements, could be sitting in a cell for the next 200 years!

I suppose the good news from the point of view of the tax-payer is that the file folder will be cheaper to feed, less of a security risk, and won't be kicking up a fuss over kosher prison food.

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