Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating the basic human decency of a lying stooge

Must admit we made something of a faux pas with this post from a couple weeks ago, praising the integrity of former Liberal leader Bob Rae.

Bob has betrayed the trust we had in him with his unfortunate comments about Libya that appeared in the Globe and Mail today.

Bob did get one thing right; it's rare for an establishment commentator, especially one who was an enthusiastic cheerleader for the war, to admit that two years after the demise of Gaddafi the country is a shambles.

But here's the whopper that floored me; "Gaddafi did not invest in people, institutions, or infrastructure."

Gaddafi's people enjoyed free housing, health care, and education. Before we liberated them they enjoyed the highest standard of living on the African continent.

Under Gaddafi, tens of thousands of Libyans studied abroad at the expense of the state.

Gaddafi built one of the greatest infrastructure projects of all time, the Great Man-made river.

And notice how Bullshit Bob bemoans the fact that "aid money is drying up."

How is it possible that Gaddafi was able to do all the above without aid money, but now that we've liberated them the Libyans have become aid dependent?

Perhaps the key to this mystery is revealed by the note at the end of the article. Bob is working with the "National Democratic Institute." That is one of a multiplicity of US funded "democracy promoters" busy on the ground to help guide nascent democracies towards the "right" sort of democracy.

And only a Washington approved democracy will ever be the right sort.

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