Monday, July 1, 2013

Egypt's US sponsored military about to roll back Arab Spring

We're watching history in the making.

The Muslim Brotherhood candidate was democratically elected a year ago. That was always seen as a bit iffy by the big dogs in Washington.

Sure, we're all about democracy, but what if the wrong guy wins?

You'll recall that quite by coincidence virtually the entire high command of the Egyptian Armed Forces happened to be in Washington for "consultations" at the time the anti-Mubarak demos broke out.

Morsi soon fired a goodly cross-section of that crew, but the fact remains that the new guys who stepped in to replace them are just as in thrall to America as the older generation.

So with the Egyptian military in their pocket and thousands of "democracy activists" on the ground, it should come as no surprise that the USA is pulling the plug on Morsi barely a year in.

The most important question at this moment is whether the majority who voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate will allow this to pass.

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