Saturday, July 27, 2013

Freedom still spreading like wildfire in recently liberated "free" Libya

Looks like the latest beneficiaries of this contagion of freedom are 1,000 inmates of Al-Kuifiya Prison in Benghazi.

One theory is that local residents stormed the prison and let the inmates out because they were tired of having the prison in their neighbourhood.

That takes NIMBY syndrome to a whole new level, doesn't it!

Perhaps the Libyans have taken the ball 'o "FREEDOM" and are just running with it a little farther and faster than we expected?

That used to be called "citizen activism!"

Perhaps we here in the virtuous West could learn from their example?

Don't like those train tracks running through the centre of town? To hell with council meetings and protest; just dig them up!

Don't like that new Walmart they're building in your city? Burn it down!

Pipelines, over-passes, runway extensions.... the list is never-ending.

The Libyans are leading the way in the renaissance of citizen activism, and it can't be long before citizen activists around the world learn from their example and adopt a new slogan;

We are all Libyans now!

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