Sunday, December 15, 2013

60 Minutes presents... Christian Towelheads!

OK, there's your Coptic Pope...

IRAN BREW: Hassan Rouhani, showing Iranians a version of a gesture he learned in Glasgow.

And here's your top toweller.

And what's the difference, other than one's got the white rig and the other got the black rig?

It was a remarkably telling episode of 60 Minutes. Seems like they are trying to re-establish their bona fides after some of their recent mishaps.

The first two thirds of tonight's show was dedicated to singing the praises of the NSA. Yup, that Snowden chap was one bad dude. Hurt America something terrible. You know; that America of secret prisons and torture etc. Snowden almost wrecked it for those folks.

And those Copts, god love 'em, just because their Pope manned up to support the Army after the coup they are suddenly the victims of all sorts of religious persecution.

We gotta put a stop to that!

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