Friday, December 27, 2013

Fast Eddie Burkhardt's really bad year

Ed Burkhardt is going easy on the folks of Lac-Megantic because after all, "they went through hell."

That hell took the shape of a hellacious fireball that destroyed the centre of their town when one of Fast Eddie's trains derailed, taking the lives of 47 locals.

That really sucks, but Mr. Burkhardt wants people to know he's hurtin' too. His net worth ain't quite what it used to be, although he is happy to point out that his European operations continue to haul dangerous goods without incident.

Burkardt continues to blame everybody and everything except his own reckless management for the disaster. Local fire-crews caused the trains brakes to fail when they turned the locomotives off.

The lone employee responsible for the mile-long train didn't set enough brakes.

Tank cars aren't build soundly.

The cargo wasn't inspected and labelled properly.

His decision to defer maintenance and cut train crews down to a single operator had nothing to do with it, and while he believes that safety protocols may need to be tightened up, that's something that shouldn't be the purview of heavy handed regulators. It should be left to managers.

Like him.

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