Monday, December 30, 2013

You too can make $100k a year growing marijuana in your garden shed

But first you have to have the right set-up.

That 8x10 garden shed is only the beginning.

Then you need your off-grid power sources to drive the latest LED grow lights. The beauty of that technology is that it takes way less power than the grow lamps of days gone by.

In fact, if you are limiting yourself to making 100K and you're not a greedy shit, you can probably run a bank of LED lights off your regular power bill without anybody noticing. They'll just figure you got a bigger big-screen TV.

You do want to be indoors though. Colorado and Washington notwithstanding, the warondrugs crowd is still flying infrared sniffer planes over your property to find out what's what in your garden.

And for fuck's sakes, if you're going to grow the weed o' wisdom in the great outdoors, grow it on your neighbor's property, not on your own.

That's how they been rollin' in all the historic hemp hollers in Kentucky forever. Bubba be growin' his stuff on Junior's plot; Junior be growin' his stuff on Bubba's plot for the last fifty years, and if ever either one get's busted, they can righteously feign innocence.

It's a concept known as "planning ahead".

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