Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wall Street Journal plots course for Ukraine's future

Here's the first two paragraphs verbatim of today's WSJ plea for the triumph of neoliberalism in Ukraine.
For the second consecutive Sunday, more than half a million people filled the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The anti-government demonstrations are an important moment for the future of Europe, though you wouldn't know it from America's indifference.
Ukraine straddles a faultline between autocratic Russia and free Europe. The country of 46 million is divided between Russian-speakers in the east and nationalists in the west, but most Ukrainians want their country to get closer to Europe. The protests show that Ukrainians are fed up with their rapacious political system and aspire to live under the rule of law.
Yes, Ukrainians are clamouring for the rule of law and only an indifferent America, led by that Kenyan communist Obama, is barring the door.
While the choice may well be between autocratic Russia and free Europe, one could just as well make the choice between solvent Russia and bankrupt Europe.
The cadres of youthful freedom lovers would do well to inquire of their Greek counterparts how the EU dream is working out for them.
The misguided protesters in Kiev do not see it that way of course. They imagine that they will displace the Germans at the top of the heap.
They have displaced the Germans before. Nowhere did the Nazi juggernaut find more willing recruits for its Einsatz Gruppen than in Ukraine.
But that was then. Just because this is now doesn't mean the masses of Ukrainian youth have learned anything from their history.
Let them keep ripping down statues.  

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