Saturday, December 7, 2013

African leaders gather in Paris to discuss "African solutions to African problems"

So why would they be meeting in Paris?

Because they have been summoned by Hollande the Conqueror, liberator of Mali, and saviour of the Central African Republic, who realizes that at this moment in history there are some rather big shoes to fill at the top of Africa's leadership ranks and supposes that he, a white European, might be just the man to fill them.

Besides, the ungrateful French seem more interested in driving his poll numbers ever lower, so he may as well focus his attention where he is appreciated. Africa has historically been considered France's back yard, after all, at least by the French.

Also, there is no city in Africa that has sufficient five-star hotel suites to accommodate forty African leaders and their expansive delegations.

It is only in the last few paragraphs of the linked article that the nitty-gritty of the Elysee summit is addressed; France wants to regain market penetration that has been lost to those Chinese and other interlopers doing business in her back yard.

So much for "African solutions to African problems."

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