Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why unlicensed dentists are in the news

The BC College of Dental Surgeons is coming down hard on unlicensed dentists operating in the province.

By "unlicensed" I think they mean the perps haven't been paying their dues to the college.

Reading between the lines, it appears that the perps hail from a particular ethnic community. This particular ethnic community isn't known for being stupid. I'm guessing that folks in this ethnic community gravitate to certain unlicensed dentists because word of mouth recommends them.

If that 's true, I'd hazard a bet that these pirate dentists probably had legit dentist training in a certain country where this particular ethnic community originates. I'd hazard a further bet that for the most part, they are sufficiently competent in their trade that folks recommend them to friends and relations.

And, further to that, I'll go way out on a limb here and hazard a guess that 100% of the ethnic folks favouring these underground dentists are not blessed with dental benefits. When they hear about a David Wu charging fifty bucks for a procedure that a paid-up member of the BC College of Dental Surgeons might charge $500, they know where to go.

When you're a minimum wage immigrant with no dental plan, this is what you do.

The David Wu's are providing an essential service. They should be venerated, not persecuted.

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