Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crappy Christmas for Muslim Brotherhood

Washington's Cairo satrap General el-Sisi has taken the gloves off... no more Mr. Nice Guy!

A gentle summer coup, months of patient negotiations about a transition to a more acceptable brand of democratic government, more acceptable than the democratically elected Morsi at least, and still the Koran-crazed fanatics run riot in the streets!

Enough of that!  The Muslim Brotherhood has been officially declared a terror organization. And there could not be a more symbolically significant day to make such a declaration than on the birthday of the baby Jesus!

Meanwhile, across the Mediterranean, Morsi's comrade in arms, the wily Erdogan, is lurching from crisis to crisis. As is usual for these radical Islamists, they must constantly blame their troubles on the USA. Erdogan's reckless slandering of American motives became so outrageous that US Ambassador  Francis Ricciardone was forced to issue a harsh rebuttal.

"Baseless attacks" and "intentional slander" is what those false tales in Turkish media were. The mere idea that anyone associated with the US embassy would ever have anything to discuss with the Ankara Young Businessmen's Association is outrageous!

I rather suspect that with denials so vehement, the story is probably true!

This would seem to be the end of America's long flirtation with the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a new champion of Islamic moderation waiting in the wings, a much more reliable chap than that MB crowd.

Fethulla Gulen, come on down!

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