Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Kabul; time for your Yuletide blast 'o bullshit

Just in case you've been moping about the futility of America's Afghan adventure, NBC News has a timely bit of pro-war propaganda to perk you up!

NBC lays out the straight skinny:

  • US troops are family-oriented sentimentalists
  • the only thing more important to them than combat is getting mail from home
  • when not combating evildoers and reading mail, they build lots of schools
  • Afghans love American soldiers so much they are like brothers and sisters
  • all the sacrifices are worth it to help Afghan children realize their dreams.

There you go! For the money invested in defending America in Afghanistan, Detroit could have been bailed out a thousand times over. To say nothing of the 2,300 American's who have died and the tens of thousands who have come back physically and/or emotionally crippled... not even the Motor City could have inflicted such casualties!

But it's all been worth it!

Besides, Afghans are so much more grateful than Detroit would ever be.

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