Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toronto loves Rob Ford

Not the Toronto of community activists and the liberal millionaires and the Toronto Star and the beautiful people. Those folks are downright embarrassed by the man.

Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about Rob Ford?

OH MY GOD THE ETERNAL SHAME OF IT ALL!!! Not even on Jimmy Kimmel does Toronto get any respect!

The fat crack-smoking cracker just has to go!

There's another Toronto, though, that seems to quite like the guy, crack or no crack.

That's the Toronto of the tow truck driver and the hotel cleaner and regular folks of all stripes.

And that fact is evidence of one of the most successful cases of brand-building in recent history, because only in his drinking and recreational drug habits is Rob Ford "regular folks" by any stretch of the imagination.

Rob's Daddy was a millionaire businessman and successful provincial politician. Rob Ford inherited a business worth millions of dollars. The only money he has saved his city came out of the hides of the garbage collectors whose jobs he privatized.

That's the enigma of Rob Ford; an embarrassment to the beautiful people who has, in spite of his record, managed to become an icon to a lot of regular folks.

He's mobbed when he goes to a football game.

Today he pulled another publicity stunt, dutifully reported by all the news media types who profess to despise him. He skipped a city council meeting to tour one of the worst apartment buildings in the city.

Check out that Katie Simpson tweet; "residents chanting Rob Ford."

Go figure!

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