Monday, December 16, 2013

Where to find $6.5 billions to save Syrian refugees

The UN is embarking on its biggest fund-raiser ever in order to save millions of displaced Syrian refugees who are at risk of freezing to death this winter.

Six and a half billion is a small fraction of what the financiers of the Syrian crisis have spent on funding the war. Since they are the ones who have created the crisis, should they not be the ones to pay for the consequences?

Spare me the hands-out nonsense, Mr. Ban Ki-moon. Embargo the assets of the Saudi and Qatari sovereign wealth funds. It's no secret that those are the folks funding the "rebels" in Syria.

The Saudi's have over 600 billions in their piggy bank; the Qataris at least 100 billions.

If they can afford the war, they can afford to cough up this 6.5 billion.

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