Monday, December 23, 2013

There's nothing like the magic of a live concert

My buddy Randy from the drydock told me this story.

He'd gone to a Pink Floyd concert at Ivor Wynn stadium back in the 70's.

That in itself bestows a certain badge of coolness.

The closest I ever got to a Floyd concert was when Roger Waters was touring "The Wall" around and they came to Toronto a couple years ago. Me and Junior took that in, and if I remember correctly, Junior paid for the seats, the first time that had happened, which is probably why I remember "The Wall" at all.

Not that it wasn't a good show, but not anything like that gig at Ivor Wynn.

Here's Randy;

"Ya man, I was so fucked up when I went in. I barfed all over the head of the person sitting in front of me.

But what's really fucked up was that she didn't even move. I just had lunch and I barfed up all these peas that I ate. Had a steak dinner with a side of vegetables... but all that came up was these damned peas...

So she sits there for the whole two hour concert, and doesn't move... and I thought I was fucked up?"

Yup, nothing like the magic of a live concert.

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