Monday, December 30, 2013

Some unsolicited advice for Stephen Tarrant

Dude, sucks to be you. And I mean that in the most supportive way.

Read about your dilemma in the Vancouver Sun.  Must be mighty painful to see neighbours of yours being flown back and forth to Alberta for their eight in and four out spells driving the big trucks in the tar sludge projects.

For $120,000 a year.

With their grade 10 educations.

And you with your fancy degree shuffling back and forth between Target and Starbucks trying to make ends meet.

That's gotta hurt.

Your first mistake was believing the government bullshit about how that degree in "economic geology" was going to take you to a special place. Why didn't you just take a degree in shoveling government bullshit, like Pedro there in the video?

Anyway, no use feeling bad about the past. It's too late to undo your fancy education, and the honkin' huge student loan debt you are no doubt stuck with.

Here's a tip. I know they're big on job training out there in Newfoundland.

Sign up for a welding course.

Ya, I know that after your degree in economic geology that's gonna be a bit of a come-down, but at least it's going to get you a job. And I'm betting the lowest paid welding gig in Alberta is gonna trump your Target/Starbucks pay by a wide margin.

Once you're in with one of the contractors out there, who knows what can happen?

What? Stevie out there welding pipe in the ditch has a geology degree? Get him in here RIGHT NOW!!!

So stay strong, Stephen. Good things can happen.

Do not despair!

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