Monday, December 23, 2013

"First World" already meddling in 2015 Ivory Coast election

The national newspaper of record (no, that is not ever going to be the National Post) today had a story for me penned by none other than former Canadian PM Joe Clark.

Follow Mandela's example in Ivory Coast.

Jolly Joe scored a trip to Ivory Coast courtesy of the National Democratic Institute. His mission is to check the temperature on the ground to see if those black folks are ready for democracy.

Throw Mandela's name at me and I'll read anything, at least for awhile.

I was doing OK till I happened upon this manure pile;

The NDI was invited by President Alassane Ouattara to send a neutral international panel to speak and listen to the leaders of parties, religious groups, civil society...

Excuse me?

The National Democratic Institute is a neutral international panel?

No, Joe, the NDI is 100% a creation of the US government! How far would your head have to be up your ass to call that "neutral?"

And by the way, Joe, Ouattara is an IMF bumboy installed at the pleasure of the USA, while the guy who should be president of the Cote d'Ivoire is languishing among the naughty niggers in the holding cells at ICC HQ in The Hague.

Have you noticed yet that the ICC can only find BLACK criminals?

The fact that two years out we get anti-Gbagbo propaganda delivered via mainstream media platforms tells you who has been anointed to win the next election.

That's democracy?

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