Thursday, December 12, 2013

US "oopsie" kills 15 civilians in Yemen wedding party drone attack

Faces were red at Drone Central today when word spread that the latest dispatch of an al-Qaeda supremo missed its target and instead dispatched fifteen civilians heading to a wedding.


"My bad!"

"Guess I'm putting fifteen dollars in the oopsie jar!"

Those were just a few of the remarks heard at CIA Drone Central in the awkward silence that followed the news.

By the way, here's a reminder of how and why drones in Yemen became CIA business. In the event that some international tribunal ever catches up to the perpetrators of these illegal drone attacks, burying responsibility deep within the CIA will ensure that the actual trigger-fingers are never known to the public. Especially a public that could conceivably come knocking with a mandate from the ICC.

Well, at least there's fifteen al-Qaeda sympathizers who can never testify!

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