Thursday, December 19, 2013

Big Steve demands MacKay's resignation

Peter MacKay, known here as "Pinocchio" MacKay, seems to have outlived his usefulness to the Harper gang.

Long considered an inveterate liar and the most Machiavellian of Harper acolytes, at least since the infamous David Orchard double-cross, MacKay was today ordered to resign from cabinet.

His recent demotion out of the Defence file was perhaps the writing on the wall...


Whadyamean I've got the wrong MacKay?


Sorry folks, looks like I got the wrong MacKay. It's not Pinocchio MacKay, it's Cardiff manager Malky Mackay over there in the Premier League...

Sorry; my mistake. I just saw that headline and jumped to some obviously unwarranted conclusions. Wishful thinking can do that to you.

Well, nevermind then! Maybe some other time!

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