Monday, December 30, 2013

World Exclusive; ISON comet alien spaceship dropping Fukashima radioactive waste in Louisiana sinkhole!

Take that, Mr. Jindal!

Even the aliens have pegged Jindal as an obsequious know-nothing ass-kisser.

Time to push back, Bobby.

Don't take any more crap from those Indo-hating Republicans who pretend to be your friend while undercutting you behind the scenes. You know who they are.

And stand up against those racist Dems who push you around even when they pretend to be your friend.

And Bobby, those aliens... for God's sake, they're not your friends either!

Bobby, it's just me and you, buddy. Lets grab a few sheets of plywood at Home Depot and cover up them sinkholes before it's too late... I don't think we can trust the Japs OR the aliens...

Better safe than sorry.

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