Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey struggles with terror tourists

"We strongly condemn every kind of terrorist act," Turkish PM Erdogan claimed at an OECD gathering in Istanbul last September.

And here is Erdogan again in November, "It is out of the question that groups like al-Nusra and al-Qaeda can take shelter in our country."

Either Erdogan is unaware of what goes on in his country, or he is lying.

Here's a senior Turkish bureaucrat putting a sightly different spin on the matter;

It's not correct to say that no members of these radical groups have crossed through Turkey. But 35 million tourists are coming through Turkey. It's not possible to monitor all of them.

Aha! While Turkey has a zero tolerance policy against supporting jihadists, nothing can be done to deter those who hide among 35 million tourists.

Here's a BBC report that offers some insights into the terror tourism industry. If you're a young Islamic man with a sense of adventure and a calling to kill infidels, you find your way to Turkey from wherever you happen to be in the world.

From the airport you find your way to one of many B&B's near the Syrian border. Stay a couple days, see the sights, then slip over the border for a tour of death and destruction with al-Nusra. Play jihad for a few weeks or months, kill a few infidels in the name of Allah, and off you go, back to that B&B, back to the airport, and back to France or the UK or Minnesota.

Now that's a vacation with a kick! No wonder attendance at Disneyland is down!

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