Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another "successful" US/NATO intervention goes up in flames

When the Nations of Virtue intervened in the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia back in the '90s they showered themselves with endless praise. The R2P crowd crowed to the heavens about the efficacy of divine intervention, their intervention, in the affairs of others.

Clinton was of course all-in to take the collective mind of his electorate away from his side jobs. To this day, apologists for R2P cite Bosnia as one of their success stories.

So tonight we are treated to headlines proclaiming "Violent anti-government protests spread across Bosnia."

Oh look; here's why the ingrates are rioting:

Bosnians have many reasons to be unhappy as general elections approach in October. The privatization that followed the war decimated the middle class and sent the working class into poverty as a few tycoons flourished. Corruption is widespread and high taxes for the country's bloated public sector eat away at residents' paychecks.
Hmm... sounds familiar... decimated the middle class... sent working class into poverty... but a FEW TYCOONS FLOURISHED???

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