Friday, February 28, 2014

Pot-addled hillbilly predicted Morsi demise by six months

Here's what I wrote on the occasion of Morsi's election in December of 2012.

That's democracy for you!

Frankly, you have to wonder if "the people" weren't better off with their old dictatorship. Alas, spring has sprung and it's too late for that.

A mere 32% of the eligible voters bothered to cast their ballots. That's a standard of apathy approaching American levels!

Within hours the Morsi democratic dictatorship announced currency and travel restrictions in anticipation of a run for the borders by folks with money.

Since the only folks with money in Egypt are to a lesser or greater degree affiliated with the Egyptian Armed Forces vast parallel economy, it looks like Morsi is setting up the final showdown with the military.

Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Egypt.

That's democracy for you. Looks like they got their military dictatorship back.

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