Sunday, February 16, 2014

Canada's shameful record of sucking up to Colombia's narco-fascists

Here's an excerpt from the website of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs highlighting some of the good stuff happening in Canada-Colombia relations;

Colombia has also benefitted from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Crime Capacity Building Programs.
The RCMP and the Colombian National Police also work closely in conducting investigations targeting drug trafficking organizations with the objective of ensuring safe communities in Canada and in Colombia. The RCMP has also provided technical assistance on issues such as witness protection, child exploitation and criminal science.
Colombia is a priority hemispheric partner for the Department of National Defence. Canada has had a Defence Attaché in Bogotá since 2001; Colombia recently reinstated its military attaché position in Canada. Colombia became a member of the Department of National Defence’s (DND) Military Training Cooperation Program (MTCP) in 2011. As such, the Colombian armed forces will have access to training that will expose them to Canadian values, including the need to incorporate/promote the respect in human rights in basic military training and in guidelines for operations. Canada and Colombia also hold Defence Policy Talks.

Not only that, but we've forged a free trade agreement with those folks. So what's our "historic hemispheric partner" been up to? Well, leaving aside the longstanding historic rumors of paramilitary death squads and connivance in the drug trade, lets see what's new in Colombia these days.

Oh look, the death-wishing journalists at the news magazine Semana have unearthed a massive corruption scandal in the armed forces! That very same armed forces that has been inculcated in Canadian values!

Well, at least President Santos is demonstrating some of those great Canadian values; he has ordered the Army to investigate itself, pronto.

I'm sure they'll have this cleaned up in no time flat, thanks to that training in "Canadian values."

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