Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dumb and dumber at Falling Downs

We just can't be sure who is dumb and who is dumber...

Dumb stuff we just figured out this winter; stuff that needs to be plugged in should be left within range of electrical cords we have on hand.

Stuff like snow-blowers and tractors for instance.

Especially tractors that are attached to snowblowers and make them blow snow.

Dumb people forget to put winter tires on their vehicles, figuring the semi-bald all-season radials are going to do the trick when you get eight feet of snow in three days.

Everybody around here looks dumber than dumb when we trot out to the car and have to bend double to get under the arbor on our walkway. That's because once upon a time before the snow there used to be two big steps between the stoop and the walkway. Now you just walk straight out. No steps.

And that only happened because some dumbshit left the snow shovel lying around somewhere, and it's now under eight feet of snow.

It's been a long winter so far.

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