Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ray Nagin found guilty of acting too white

There's very little that has come out in the course of Nagin's trial that changes the opinion we had of his rail-roading over a year ago. Nothing that Nagin is guilty of would have been considered noteworthy but for two facts;

  • he's black
  • he was insufficiently grateful at how New Orleans was screwed over by Washington after Katrina.
The so-called 'favors' outlined by the prosecution are comically petty when compared to the wholesale corruption that passes for lobbying in Washington and state capitals every day. To say nothing of what white fatcats like Steve Cohen and Dick Fuld have gotten away with.

But that's the nub of the matter right there; power and money are the province of the white man, and uppity Ray Nagin was above his station all along.

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