Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bandar Bush sacked! Retires to Texas ranch

Word from my favorite Israeli website is that Prince Bandar bin Sultan has been kicked out of his headship at Saudi Arabia's Ministry of International Mayhem.

Quoting confidential sources, Debkafiles reports that Prince Bandar's completely independent management of the long-stalled Syrian revolution has become an impediment to those in Washington who just want to move things along already.

More specifically, Bandar's irrational obsession with the imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons program is a growing concern in Washington as the Obama team tries to rebrand the Ayatollas from "Axis of Evil" to "Axis of decent chaps who just have some wrong-headed ideas and ridiculous headgear."

While the Debka report cites numerous clandestine Bandar visits to Tel Aviv, it is also a well-known fact that Bandar has made clandestine visits to Tehran. This should not be a surprise. That's what your top spy-guys do; clandestine! Once you have been elevated to the position of top spook in any modern society, everything you do going forward is by definition clandestine!

Anonymous sources have assured the think tank here at Falling Downs that Bandar has taken leave of The Kingdom, probably for good, and settled in Texas. He was last seen helping George W stack firewood at Prairie Chapel Ranch.

This is good news for Assad, Rouhani, and of course Obama, whose Middle East policy has been bogged down in a place worse than Nowhere pretty much since the time he first took office.

With Bandar in Texas, it should be smooth sailing from here on.

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