Saturday, February 15, 2014

Latest western bumboy in Somalia bedeviled by corruption concerns

How do we know this to be true?

Because no less a personage than Governor of the newly created Somalia Central Bank, Yussur Abrar, says so. And Yussur was once a VP at Citibank, so she obviously knows whereof she speaks.

The Gods of Development in the Nations of Virtue have not done much for Somalia over the last fifty years or so, but apparently we have gifted them a central bank, the better to centralize the looting of their country, I suppose.

The single bright moment in that time in terms of indigenous development came in that brief period that the Union of Islamic Courts established some primacy over the myriad warring factions in the country. That was an effort that should have and could have been supported by the west.

But no.

We sent our proxies in to stamp out that wee episode of regional self-sufficiency.

We would rather see Somalia as a bleeding morass, worthy of pity but not respect.

Somalia can never begin to heal until the foreigners go home.

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