Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chattanooga anti-union vote proves value of crappy education system

Those folks puzzled over the never-ending downward spiral of America's international education rankings should take heart - crappy education is paying big dividends!

The big dogs at Volkswagen can hardly believe it; they refrained from interfering in the union drive. In fact, they all but invited the union in! Surely the American workers know that a Volkswagen worker in Germany makes four times their hourly wage for building the same car? Surely they can figure out that is the result of unionization?

Luckily such reasoning is beyond the scope of Tennessee's workers. Instead, they were mightily impressed by the bipartisan anti-union rhetoric that has been forthcoming from every one of their better-dressed and better-educated betters across the state.

"Unions destroyed Detroit... OH MY GAWD DON'T LET THEM TAKE TENNESSEE TOO!!!"

In fairness, well over 600 workers voted for the union. Maybe they were home-schooled.

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