Friday, February 7, 2014

Spinning Ukraine

What's truly amazing about the fallout from the expose of the Nuland-Pyatt conversation is that there hasn't been any. One might think that to catch the conspirators red-handed, to find the smoking gun even as it is spewing smoke, would lead to some modicum of umbrage.

One would be mistaken.

Instead, western media spin the story as an expose of naughty Russian spying. Or naughty language by US diplomats. No one seems the slightest bit kerfluffled over the fact that we have witnessed two senior US diplomats plotting regime change in a sovereign nation.

It's like Karl Rove put it a few years back; America is an Empire and creates its own reality. Fuck international law, fuck the norms of civilized discourse between nations, fuck the EU, and fuck the Ukraine.

We're an Empire. We do as we please.

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