Sunday, February 16, 2014

Forget fighter jets - Lockheed Martin can't make underwear

Don't know what the good folks at the US Olympic Team were thinking when they went to Lockheed Martin to fine tune their "speed-skating suits." As you know, that's jock talk for the longies your mom used to make you put on before she bundled you up and kicked you out the door to play in the snow all day.

In the modern era Under Armor has been trying to build a athletic brand, and they've been pretty successful at it. They sponsored the US speed skaters and provided the uniforms, or "speed-skating-suits."

Longies, onesies, whatever; everybody knows we're talking underwear here. Really hi-tech underwear to be sure, and I guess that's why partnering up with Lockheed must have seemed a good idea.

But that should have sent up some red flags too. Lockheed Martin makes news almost every day for the ongoing boondoggle that is the F-35 joint strike fighter. After fifteen years in development the most impressive feature of this next generation jet fighter is its name. After shredding and re-shredding every delivery timeline, after blowing through budget estimates by billions upon billions of dollars, the F-35 is too slow, too heavy, too complicated, and too expensive.

Yup, that would be the outfit you'd want to entrust in the development of your new speed-skating suit!

Best finish for the new suit so far? Seventh.

Lockheed Martin strikes again!

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