Saturday, February 15, 2014

Canada sale of 5,000 armored military vehicles to Saudi Arabia a giant leap for human rights

Canada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, and Weapon Sales is celebrating the biggest win in its history with the $10 billion sale of armored vehicles to the government of Saudi Arabia.

The usual pinko human rights fussbudgets are of course making the expected fuss, claiming that the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia is so abysmal that it makes Iran look good by comparison. An anonymous source within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gay Rights, Rainbows and Unicorns told Falling Downs that the sale represents a liberalizing trend in Saudi society.

"The fears in some circles that these vehicles will be used to crush dissent are without foundation. In fact, some of these armored cars will be used as taxis to take people home from gay bars safely. Also, they provide a safe method to give Ethiopian workers a lift to the border or to the beach, wherever they wish to go. And also, His Majesty has decreed that women drivers will henceforth be countenanced in the Kingdom, but in the interest of safety other drivers will now have the option of travelling in armored personnel carriers."

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