Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Canadian study proves middle class is booming!

Yup, all that scary shit you've been hearing is just so much hear-say.

The good folks at the Financial Post have real live proof that Canada's middle classes are blossoming as never before!

That "paycheck to paycheck" stuff is just a myth. In reality we're so much better off that the one percenters are drooling with envy...

I'm not ashamed to admit I've lived paycheck to paycheck my entire life. At the end of the year my T-4 tells me I had a "middle class" income, but by Jeezus that slipped by before I even noticed.

Strikes me as a story planted by Harper gang loyalists trying to undo the damage done by the story that came out yesterday, about the confidential government report that revealed the dream of upward mobility for Canada's middle class was just a myth.

What do you want to believe? A story pryed from the bowels of the Harper regime via an Access to Information request, or something the Finacial Post cooked up the day after?

Have a good look around you. How are your middle and working class friends faring out in this prosperous new world? Are they more prosperous than ever before?

Or are they living paycheck to paycheck?

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