Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why BEFORE ITS NEWS fiddles view counts

Here at Falling Downs we've noted with some amusement that the view count for stuff on Before it's News often goes backwards. You can have 50 views fifteen minutes after posting something, and an hour later there's 20.

Here's a guy who thinks he has it figured out. xvleo is a contributor who has noted the same phenomenon, and he's come up with an explanation. According to xv, the satanists at BIN do this to hide the truth about the NWO.


Sorry to ruin your theory, Mr. Leo, but there's a much more prosaic explanation. Those clicks on your stories go somewhere; just not to your story!

Instead, they are siphoned off to plump the numbers of the crap that routinely shows up at "today's top stories." And most of it is crap. How do 11,000 people click onto the latest expose about crop circles? Seriously folks, all my ranting about America's dysfunctional education system aside, there are not enough stupid people in America to drive the kind of viewership you see at "today's top stories."

And guess who writes most of that crap? Why, BIN insiders of course! And guess what? If you can author several stories a day that run into the thousands of page views, you end up making a tidy living writing dreck about imaginary conspiracies, aliens, crop circles, etc.

This blog has been fodder at the Alternative department at BIN since before they had a million stories. They're over four million now. We're glad to have been a small part of their success. But we're not deluding ourselves about what BIN is or does.

Nobody at BIN seriously believes the shit they put up as "top stories" and nobody reads it.

Those numbers are just page views pilfered from earnest bloggers who wonder why their view counts go down instead of up.

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