Sunday, February 9, 2014


I have to apologize in advance for coming to this story a week late. Up here in the boonies we only get the cream of the NYT a week late.

Better late than never, as the cliche goes, so I was thrilled to read up on Jodi Rudoren's review of Phil Chernofsky's soon-to-be-bestseller And every single one was someone. In case you haven't heard, that's the book that consists of the word "Jew" written out six million times.

Ya, you know where that's going. Another blast of holocaust guilt just in case your memory was fading. No less a professional holocaust exploiter than Abe Foxman wants to see this "book" in the Oval Office and on every coffee table in the land and in every school-child's satchel.

Just to make sure we never ever forget.

Ironically, Chernofsky himself seems to have forgotten that not every victim of the holocaust was a Jew.

This competition to establish who suffered more in a contest in which all competitors ended up dead is an unseemly spectacle indeed.

Rudoren is the latest iteration of Times' middle east bureau chief, a position apparently reserved for Jews only, and preferably right of centre Jews at that. According to her, Abe Foxman was a holocaust survivor.

Which camps did he survive?

And when will she be reviewing the book about the millions of Poles, Serbs, Roma, Christians etc who also perished in the Holocaust?

Every single one of them was a someone too.

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