Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday afternoon downward spiral

So what to do when Daytona gets black-flagged due to rain?

Well, that drive into town killed a bit of time. Got home and thought the race was on. Took me some time before I realized I was watching last years race.

If they're going to show old races instead of fresh ones, why not the best Daytona 500 ever, from two years ago? That was a classic battle between good and evil worthy of Armageddon.

Only Armageddon is bigger than THE BIG ONE.

That rainout can't help the TV numbers. One thing little talked about is how NASCAR's numbers have been hurting in the post collapse era, both at the tracks and on TV. There's a totally obvious reason for this, of course, which is why the media prefer not to talk about it.

The reason is that the white middle-class/working class core of NASCAR fans has been utterly decimated by the economic collapse. It looks to me as though entire upper sections of the grandstands at Daytona have been cordoned off this year to make the lower stands look more full. That is both a bandaid and an exercise in self-deception.

It's a lovely thing that Caterpillar remains a NASCAR sponsor, but thousands of Cat employees who have had their $30 an hour jobs made into $12 an hour jobs in the past few years, so that that the shitbags at CAT HQ can grab bigger bonuses, can no longer afford to go to a NASCAR race.

Note to NASCAR management; that's no way to build brand loyalty.

So in spite of that benediction, God sent the rains anyway, and it's been an afternoon of b'ball and now golf....

If that rain delay goes on much longer, what's next?


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