Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ukraine's President has only one option; turf the US ambassador

If Yanukovych intends to preserve the slightest shred of credibility he only has one option now; send US Ambassador Pyatt packing.

The leaked tapes of Pyatt and Deputy Secretary of State Nuland casually planning Ukraine's next government is utterly beyond the pale. No sovereign state that intends to continue pretending it remains a sovereign state can tolerate such grotesque meddling in its affairs.

Oddly enough Yanukovych has yet to comment on the situation, let alone do anything. He has seemed remarkably paralysed since at least the 17th of January when the far-right hooligans made the protests theirs. These are of course the very people tasked with facilitating the dirty work in America's regime change agenda, and every day of doing nothing is another day of tacit admission of defeat.

If he is concerned with further inflaming the radical right he should throw out a couple of Russian diplomats at the same time that Pyatt gets the heave-ho, just in the interest of optics. But after the revelations of today he needs to be seen doing something.

Doing something is of course not the only option; his other option is to resign.

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