Thursday, February 13, 2014

DC hit by snowstorm from south but climate change is just a pinko fantasy

And the last time Washington DC was hit by a snowstorm from the south was when?  Ya, stop with the Newt jokes already; that was a different kind of snowjob.

Fact is, reasonable people should at this juncture be concluding that yes, things are indeed going awry with the weather. The climate is changing. Whether you want to quibble about whether or not or how much of it is due to man-made warming or whether you just want to do what you can about it is up to you. Even if there is nothing that we could ever do to change whatever changes are coming, it remains incumbent upon all of us to do what we can.

That should be our modus operandi even in the absence of climate change or a climate change debate. Small footprint. Clean up after yourself. Don't hoard more than you can use. That goes for everything you use including money.

Leave the place better than you found it.

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