Monday, February 10, 2014

Team Al Qaeda scores spectacular own-goal

The story of the Al Qaeda training seminar in Iraq wiping out 21 Qaeda recruits isn't a complete surprise.

Ever since the shoe-bomber and the undie-bomber debacles it's been more than obvious that the Towelheads of Terror are pretty much near the bottom of the barrel in terms of recruit material. I think the IDF is facing a similar crisis, which is why conscription won't go away any time soon.

So while Commandant Abdul Mohamed is showing the newbies how to detonate a car-bomb he detonates a car-bomb, sending the class of '14 straight to their (21x72) 1,512 virgins. Hard to tell if the seminar leader was killed in the "accident" but I am inclined to doubt it.

Here's why. What passes for Al Qaeda these days is idealistic young men, many of them from the toweller diaspora, making their way to the "enter here for jihad" spots around the middle east. Non-arabic speakers from places like Dearborn and Winnipeg show up in news reports playing key roles in high profile Al Qaeda operations a year after they leave home.

If it's that easy for a nerdy kid from Winnipeg to attain a mid-level management position in the world's top terror franchise, where do you think your professional arabic-speaking spooks from the Nations of Virtue are in the management chain?

Hell, they're probably running the outfit!

Which is why "accidents" like this are probably more than accidents.

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