Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tymoshenko uses freedom to fan flames as Ukraine burns

Yulia Tymoshenko wasted no time after her release from prison celebrating the demise of "the dictator" and encouraging the ultras to keep up the pressure.

"The dictator" is of course the guy who got more votes than she in the last election. Tymoshenko is on the cusp of superstar status in the west. In spite of the frightening hair event permanently entwined around her head, she looks good on TV. That is of course the second most valuable quality that the western elites look for in opposition candidates in foreign lands.

The first is that they swallow without reservation the entire smorgasbord of neo-liberal dogma so that the resources of western "democracy promoters" can flow their way.

There is no question Tymoshenko will clear that bar. She has led an incredibly charmed life. In business she started from nothing and emerged a burgeoning oligarchette.

In politics she has made and unmade a dizzying array of coalitions with partners ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right.

The wiff of scandal and corruption has followed her in both arenas.

She is about to be elevated to the highest reaches of the pantheon of iconic freedom-fighters by western media.

Hell, she could be bigger than Pussy Riot!

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