Saturday, May 31, 2014

Canada PM Harper decries "communism's poisonous ideology"

Oh good grief!

Almost a quarter century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Big Steve is still stuck speechifying like a Cold War stalwart?

Harper delivered a proper podium-thumper to the "Tribute to Liberty" annual dinner in Toronto yesterday. Thats a bunch of second generation east Europeans who never got over their parent's fears about the Bolsheviks.

History has moved on, folks.

How modest of Big Steve to claim his spot in history right up there with Mulroney, Reagan, and Thatcher...

It's always nice to know that your leader has his eye squarely on the future.

The Tribute to Liberty folks are all about building a monument to honour the victims of communism.

Personally, I think building a monument to the victims of communism is a great idea.

We could put it in a public square. "Freedom Square" we could call it. Or Liberty Square.

At the other side of the square we could, in the interest of truth, justice, and fair comment, erect a monument to the victims of capitalism.

Communism died an ignoble death in 1991.

Capitalism is still chewing up its victims today.

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