Friday, May 16, 2014

More leadership goodness from the Harper gang; saving the lives of women and children all around the world except on Canadian Indian reservations

It's not as if we haven't commented on this before.

Canada is a world leader in saving the lives of women and children, dontcha know.

And here we go again, another blockbuster press release from John Baird's Department of Foreign Affairs, Gay Rights, Mineral Rights, Corporate Rights, Railroad Rights of Way, and Foreign Aid; Canada saves lives and improves health of women and children around the world.

Yup, we are spreading Harperite goodness worldwide! Everywhere around the world except right here in Canada it would seem!

Virtually invisible on Canadian media platforms is any discussion about UN special envoy for native rights James Anaya's report on the living conditions for Canada's million plus native population.

Seems that while we are busier than busy improving the lives of women and children all around the world, women and children in Canada's native communities are stuck in a nightmare of poverty and abuse.

Do they all have to move to Africa before the Harper gang notices the problem?

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