Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The blissful ignorance of outsourcing Statscan duties to Kijiji

Nothing against Kijiji; we bought a nice used tent trailer with just a bit of mould on the tarp off Kijiji at a good price. Crank up the roof and open up all those side windows, and you don't even notice the mould! At least when there's a decent breeze blowing.

But should Kijiji be the default source of information for the federal government after they've carved $30 million out of the Statscan budget?

The Canadian Labour Congress thinks not.

The editorial board of Canada's newspaper of record thinks not.

And it's not every day that those two see eye to eye...

So it is good news that the Harper gang has dropped Kijiji as a source of vital statistical info to guide their policy decisions.

But have they restored funding to Statscan?

Of course not! Here's why; it's easier to govern when you're flying in the dark.

You have total freedom to just make shit up!

That explains our economic policy, our First Nations policy, our education policy and our foreign policy!

Hey, who needs facts when you're always right anyway?

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