Thursday, May 22, 2014

Libya turmoil still Gaddafi's fault

That's the word from US Ambassador Debora Jones.

“There never was a functioning Libyan state per se,” she said. “That weakened state permitted Gadhafi to exploit the situation. … He was like an abusive parent” who squeezed his own people of resources while doling out Libya’s oil revenues on foreign causes and conflicts.
You'd think that three years after NATO's war to destroy the Gaddafi administration there'd be some grown-ups there prepared to take responsibility for the absolute disaster they've created, but some good old honesty is rather too much to expect. Instead, it's all Gaddafi's fault.

As for Gaddafi exploiting that weakened state, I'm not certain that free housing, health care, and education, including $200 millions per year to send Libyans to study at foreign universities worldwide, would meet the standard definition of "exploit".

As for any possibility that Washington might be backing the "rogue" US-Libyan General Haftar, she claims the US is taking a wait-and-see attitude to ascertain what his agenda might be.

Let's see now; the man spent over twenty years living five minutes away from Langley, had no visible means of support, was flown back to Libya by the US in the late stages of the 2011 war... and they don't know what his agenda is?

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