Thursday, May 8, 2014

US commits to more carnage in Syria

How else to explain the attention lavished on lame-duck "leader of the moderate Syrian opposition" Ahmad al-Jarba.

Jarba is completely an American fabrication. He commands no opposition on the ground in Syria, he doesn't spend any time in Syria and hasn't for years, but his imaginary leadership group is now officially recognized in Washington as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.

The fake news about this independent rebel leader looking to America for heavier weapons is at this stage in the Syria war just a propaganda smoke-screen designed to hide the fact that Bashar Assad's military is beating the crap out of our "rebels."

And they are "our rebels."

The original protests would have fizzled out soon enough without the entire US "democracy promotion" infrastructure propping it up and fanning the flames.

But the latest US-installed "leader of the moderate opposition" is getting front page cred with his call for heavier weapons.

That can only mean that America's free press is telegraphing the US commitment to many more years of carnage in Syria.

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