Saturday, May 17, 2014

CNN's desperation propaganda tries to make Dems look different than GOP

What else can you possibly make out of this hatchet job?

Dems take on Koch brothers?

Believe me, the only quibble Harry Reid and the rest of the Koch-bashers in the Democratic elite have with the Koch brothers is that they haven't been spreading their political contributions to the Democratic Party.

The mere fact that that there exists such an artefact as a "billionaire" tells us only one thing; the tax code is way fucked up.

Beyond that, whether those billionaires support the billionaire-loving Democratic Party or the billionaire-loving Republican Party is pretty much a moot point.

Fact is, both parties are totally owned by the millionaires and the billionaires. If Harry Reid is having a conniption because the Koch boys are funding his GOP rivals, that's tough luck for Harry.

It's got nothing to do with democracy in the USA.

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