Friday, May 30, 2014

Canada's Harper government commits another $3.5 billion to third world moms, as long as they don't need abortions

Stephen Harper cares.

If you read the press releases from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Gold Mine Development and Maternal Health, Harper's Canada is a world leader in caring and providing for moms 'n tots world-wide.

After all, the future of all humanity resides in the wombs of expectant women world-wide.

But not a penny of that $3.5 billion will ever help women end a pregnancy that was forced on them.

That's an issue that may be huge in many "developing" countries, but it's too "divisive" to be countenanced by the do-gooders who get funding from the Harper gang.

Yup, we're all for reproductive health, as long as you reproduce our way...

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