Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clippers owner to reap billion dollar windfall after racist rant

Yup, his conniving bimbo girlfriend thought she had him by the balls when she released that recording of Sterling's offensive musings about black folks. You know, black folks like the ones who play on his team, live in his developments... hell, even black folks like the bimbo herself!

Politically correct America went ape-shit. Never in American history has more outrage been generated, more umbrage taken!

Wrongs would have to be righted, virtue would have to prevail. The NBA declared that the senile windbag would be forced to sell the franchise, to sever once and for all the relationship between that racist relic from a bygone era and the most progressive sporting brand in the world.

Looks like the Clippers are going to Steve Ballmer for two billions. That's about a billion dollars more than the most optimistic estimates of the team's value prior to this controversy.

Let that be a lesson to racist tyrants everywhere...

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