Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mike Weir shows he's not over yet

Ya, I know it doesn't help our hillbilly cred, but we tend to look in on a bit of PGA action from time to time.

So it was quite a thrill to see Mike Weir on the leaderboard for the first time in forever. Almost made a day of it at the Byron Nelson!

Attaboy Mike! Canada applauds!

Mike trousered three-quarters of a million for losing.

The Farm Manager's cousin Jason Gore is semi-retired now, but when I run out of retirement savings we're heading to California where Jason promised me a job polishing his clubs and waxing his Mercedes.

If I'm lucky I'll maybe worm my way into carrying the bag for him when he hits the seniors tour.

I coulda been a factor on the tour myself if I'd stuck with it. I remember beating Bryan DeCorsa in a round on Victoria Road many years ago.

Unfortunately, he was just a seven year old kid hanging around his dad's golf course at the time, so I'm not sure that counts for anything...

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